Who We Are

Who We Are

All of us are called to be people who through our kindness and tenderness and focused, attentive love, return people to themselves. You do it in a particular way: through housing.

– Father Greg Boyle


Redwood Park Communities builds safe, affordable, hopeful communities that support families and individuals.



We believe the opposite of homelessness is community. Fostering supportive community is the heart of our work.


We believe hope is life. We are committed to fostering hope and supporting individuals to live fulfilled lives.


We recognize that every individual has value and purpose. We believe we all have a human right to a basic standard of life, privacy, and dignity, and that no one should ever have to sacrifice one of these rights for another.

Housing First

We are committed to Housing First, which focuses on moving people into housing without conditions, and with the supports they need to stay sustainably housed.


We are committed to offering choice, supporting informed decisions, and promoting self-sufficiency.


We believe in working together with others to help us realize our mission, vision, and values.


We believe in an innovative approach to family support, housing design, and community creation.

Redwood’s History

Redwood was founded by Tim and Rhonda Kent in 2009, as a response to the need for more affordable housing in their community. Over the last ten years, Redwood has grown from just an idea to 49 units of affordable housing created through a number of initiatives: United House for women and children fleeing violence, our Second Suites program through partnerships with Community Builders and homeowners, Lucy’s Place for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness, and now the Family Short-Term Supportive Housing Centre for families experiencing homelessness. To date, we have housed close to 500 people.

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