Thank you so so so much for all your help. We promise to love and take care of everything and pay it forward when we can.

– Furniture Bank Client


After four years of running the Furniture Bank, we have gathered important data on the marginal costs of putting together a package of furniture (ie. the direct costs, not including overhead) and what our average client can afford.

The gap is about $170 per package.

We have set a goal of covering this gap for 8 clients each month and we are looking for 14 donors of $100 monthly or 27 donors of $50 monthly, or some combination of the two, to help us reach this goal.

Each dollar donated by Furniture Bank Patrons will go directly to getting furniture to a neighbour who needs it. Each month. That’s a very tangible way to have a positive impact on our community, so please consider becoming a Partner in Hope Through Housing today!

Thank you!