We are raising $10M through Redwood Community Housing Bonds to finance our next affordable housing projects in Barrie, Ontario.

We are raising $10M through Redwood Community Housing Bonds to finance our next affordable housing projects in Barrie, ON.

Redwood Communtiy Housing Bonds

Redwood has big plans to create more safe, affordable, and hopeful housing across Simcoe County. Three projects totalling 50 new units are ready to launch in the next 12 months, and new opportunities present themselves regularly. 

For the first time, socially conscious investors have the opportunity to invest in affordable housing solutions in Simcoe County and help address this pressing need so our community can thrive. Your investment allows us to move critical housing projects forward now! 

About Redwood Park Communities

Redwood Park Communities is a Simcoe County-based charity founded in 2009 to create safe, affordable, hopeful housing where people thrive in community. Redwood is moving beyond social service to create social change, strengthening and transforming communities by building homes where people can connect, create, and contribute.

Since opening the doors of our first housing community in 2013, we have provided affordable housing with supports to over 500 people. 

This includes: 

  • Women who had experienced gender-based violence but are now in new careers and healthy relationships
  • Men who were working three jobs but still living in their cars due to the cost of housing
  • Children who were in foster care but were able to return home once their parents secured safe, affordable housing

People Housed

Units of housing

Housing Communities

The Investment

What is a Community Bond?
It is an interest-bearing loan that a non-profit, charity, or co-op can issue to support projects.

In our case, individuals, businesses, and foundations can purchase a Redwood Community Housing Bond and earn fixed interest. At the end of the bond term, investors can choose to redeem their principal or re-invest in any new bonds that may be available.

Redwood Community Housing Bonds will be available in soon! Sign up now to be among the first to receive the Investor Information Package.


To Goal of $10 million dollars

Investment Options:


Series B, C, D are RRSP and TFSA eligible. (Click here for more details.)

Redwood Leadership Team

Timothy Kent

Co-founder & CEO

Rhonda Kent

Co-founder & Director, Housing and Supportive Community

Jennifer van Gennip
van Gennip

Director, Communications & Advocacy

Jennifer van Gennip

Director, Financial Planning

Jennifer van Gennip

Accounting & Finance Manager

Anna Keenan

Director, Insights & Engagement

Rhonda Kent

Director, Facilities

Jennifer van Gennip

Director, People, Talent & Culture

Jennifer van Gennip

Director, Social Enterprises

Bonds Team

Timothy Kent

Co-founder and CEO

Jeff Bond

Director, Financial Planning

Kevin Tesoro

Coordinator, IT Communications & Social Innovation

David Kamande

Accounting & Finance Manager

Frequently Asked QUestions

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at invest@redwoodparkcommunities.com or 705.881.1890.

Why community bonds?

Not only can investors (both individuals and institutions) feel good knowing that they are supporting affordable housing in Barrie, they can also earn a great financial return. 

How will interest be paid?

Interest payments will be made by electronic fund transfer directly into your bank account annually in January.

How are Redwood Community Housing Bonds managed?

Tapestry Community Capital is supporting Redwood throughout the bond campaign and will manage the investments. Since 1998, the Tapestry team has supported projects from renewable energy to co-working to housing, in successful community financing campaigns, helping to raise and manage $100+ million from over 4,000 investors.

How are the bonds secured?

Redwood Community Housing Bonds are secured against the project properties.

Can I purchase a bond as a gift for someone else?

Yes! It is slightly different than purchasing a bond for yourself. Email us at invest@redwoodparkcommunities.com to get the process started.

What happens when my Redwood Community Housing Bond matures?

When bonds mature, Redwood will reach out to investors and inform them of their options. Investors will be invited to reinvest the funds into any new bond offerings, and those who wish to have their funds redeemed will have principal and any owing interest deposited into their bank account.

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Tapestry Community Capital

Tapestry Community Capital supports non-profits, co-ops and charities in raising and managing community bonds. Since 1998, Tapestry has supported 41 qualified issuers to raise and manage $100+ million from 4,000+ community investors.