I’m just so grateful because before I didn’t think anyone would notice if I disappeared.

– Redwood Resident

Our Approach

We believe that safe, affordable, hopeful housing is the first step in breaking the cycle of violence, abuse, poverty, and addiction.

We also believe that people grow best in supportive community.

As a Community Support Team, we build a community of support for current, former, and future residents, volunteers, and our broader community by creating spaces, connecting people with local support services and agencies, and providing practical and emotional side-by-side supports.

What We Do

Apartment Set-Up and Move In

We clean apartments, do any needed repairs, prepare a welcoming space, and fill the fridge and cupboards so new residents know we’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival. We also assist with moving in.


Legal Support

We are available to provide rides to lawyer’s appointments and court, to be an ally in the courthouse, and provide encouragement to not give up in face of long, difficult legal battles. We also work alongside the legal support offered by our partner agencies.

Developing Community

We create opportunities for people to connect, create, and contribute. We accompany our occupants, provide rides, and offer childcare to facilitate access to supports available in the community. Our counseling rooms facilitate support within our units, living rooms and community spaces are open for coffee each day, and we meet together regularly as well as providing seasonal supports.

Mental Health, Substance Use and Addiction, and Physical Health and Wellness Support

We offer friendship and care, by our staff and also our Peer Support Team with lived expertise, and facilitate access to treatment centres, support groups, and classes.

Support with Managing Tenancy

We work with occupants to develop and/or reinforce positive landlord/tenant relationships, communication, conflict resolution, care of the property, and prompt payment.

Family Relationships

Our secure, supported units provide a safe transition for the return of children previously in care, as well as other loved ones who have been separated.

Food Security

We ensure our residents have healthy, nutritious food with Good Food Boxes and Food Bank access.

Since opening our doors in 2013, we have seen women return to school, find meaningful employment, start small businesses, bring their children home, pursue amazing new opportunities, and share their experiences with others to encourage and inspire them along the journey, but the one thing we have rarely seen is a woman return to her abusive situation.

– Rhonda Kent, Director, Housing and Supportive Community

Housing Initiatives