As we round the corner into our second month of staying home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are seeing more than ever how interconnected our lives are. When people do not have a home to stay home in, we are all put at higher risk. 

At Redwood, we often say that everyone deserves a safe, affordable, hopeful place to call home and that when that is the case, our entire community benefits. Our team is inspired to double down and make sure that the recovery plan from this pandemic includes housing for all, and that no one gets left behind. 

So, this is an open call to investors, policymakers, philanthropists, and developers who want to partner with us to make this possible. Watch this video for more from Tim:

Video message from Tim Kent, Redwood Co-founder and CEO.
Take Action

  • If you are inspired too and want to join us, please email Tim at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • You can also make a donation online right now to help us build more housing and keep rents low.

Together we can make sure everyone in our community has a safe, affordable, hopeful place to call home. 

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